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Mug, Tote Bag, Tea Towel and Chocolate Tasting Collection

Treat yourself or a friend to the full “Bennachie Bundle”. Inspired by the landscape view from our hillside family farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the set will gives a Mackie’s and chocolate lover everything they will need.

The tote has long enough handles to fit over your shoulder and useful to carry whatever you like. Though obviously best filled with Mackie’s chocolate, crisps & ice cream it can manage other shopping, gifts or swimming gear. The Mackie’s bone china mug is perfect for those who enjoy bringing out the flavour of chocolate with a hot drink.

Mackie’s bone china mugs are decorated with our chocolate landscape illustration inspired by the view from Mackie’s hillside family farm in Aberdeenshire, where we make our ice cream and chocolate. Mackie’s fans will notice that the colour scheme on this one is inspired by the Mackie’s blue of our Traditional ice cream tubs!