Meet the Mackie's Family | Mackie’s of Scotland
Meet the

Mackie Family

Mackie’s of Scotland today is the outcome of the effort and foresight of four generations of Mackie family and our wider family of staff. Today the three family owners are brother and sisters, Mac, Karin and Kirstin who all work in the business.

Four Maitland Mackies

The Mackie family have been farming at Westertown since 1912.

The Mackie family has a five generation-old tradition of first sons called Maitland Mackie and so far, each Maitland has demonstrated an entrepreneurial character and interest in innovation which has contributed to the development of the business in different ways over the years.

Doctor Maitland Mackie of North Ythsie, Tarves (1884-1975)
Bought Westertown farm

Sir Maitland (Mike) Mackie, Westertown (1912-1996)
Dairy and arable farming, first tractor in the area, began milk retail

Maitland Mackie CBE, Westertown (1937-2014)
Developed milk retail, investors in people accreditation

Maitland (Mac) Mackie, Executive Chairman
Wind power and renewable energy, growing ice cream sales world-wide

Maitland (Mike) Mackie, future career tbc!

Having fun at Mackie's

Our vision is for Mackie’s to be a global brand from the greenest company in Britain, created by people having fun.


Working at Mackie’s

Ice cream is a fun product and an indulgent treat – so we think we should aim to have fun making it. Mackie’s business owes its success to the people working here – a loyal, flexible and energetic workforce who work hard in many ways to keep us going, making ice cream and chocolate, to grow the business, adapt to change and meet the variety of challenges which occur daily.

We set ourselves some “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” (known as big hairies) along with smaller annual targets  – some of which are agreed “celebration points” so that their achievement is marked with a variety of staff gifts or activities. We are a Real National Living wage employer and also share a performance related bonus. 

Vacancies are advertised and shared on our Careers page. Speculative applications with CV are welcome at


Our incredible team of over 100 are the most important ingredient behind any success in our business; they keep us going every day and make it possible for us to be creative, to adapt, improve and grow – and meet whatever challenge comes along next!

Kevin is our Head of Engineering, and (luckily for us) he seems to understand how any machine works. He’s been a key part of bringing in new technology like the moulding machines and installing the new ammonia refrigeration plant.
7 Engineers
330 milking cows
We no longer name all the cows – but they do all have their own passports.
6 Chocolate, sauce & compote
Mackie’s have a dedication wall for those who have been here 20 years or more. Bill, our National Account Manager, is one of 17 current staff on the wall. He has seen Mackie's grow across the country and played a part in taking Mackie's global.
4 Making tubs
Lesley is our longest serving staff member and has worked in the office, farm and ice cream dairy – quite an achievement for someone so young! She has enjoyed seeing many changes, from hens, pigs and milk delivery to ice cream, chocolate and robots!
2 Storemen
3 New product development
23 Ice cream makers
Husband and wife, Graham and Morag both work in the ice cream dairy. They’re just one of over a dozen family groups working here.
2 making honeycomb
Heather looks after the calves and youngstock, she is one of the team of 5 looking after all the cows – and she always has a few favourites in the herd.