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Taste the

dairy difference

The most important ingredient in our ice cream is fresh whole milk and cream and the result is an ice cream which celebrates the wonderful, natural dairy taste of fresh creamy milk.

Mackie’s real dairy ice cream is made with fresh whole milk and cream.

over 70%

Preferred our real dairy ice cream vs non dairy*

*source Mackie's & SRUC Sensory Taste Research - 2018

Test your taste buds!!

We believe that you can “Taste the Dairy Difference” and will enjoy the taste of a real dairy ice cream like ours (made with fresh milk and cream) in comparison to other ice creams made with vegetable oil.

Do all ice creams contain cream?

NO, if you want your ice cream to have cream in it, then you should choose one called a dairy ice cream AND check out the ingredients. The creaminess in dairy ice cream comes from its milk fat content, which can come from using fresh milk and cream like we do in our “real dairy ice cream”. It may also come from rehydrated skimmed milk powder, milk solids or whey (left over when making cheese) as you will find in some other dairy ice cream products.

Many people are surprised to learn that not all ice creams actually contain milk and cream – indeed, some vanilla ice creams do not contain any vanilla, cream or milk! In order to be labelled “Ice Cream”, the requirement is only that the product contains 5% fat – so some companies use vegetable oil – a cheaper ingredient than fresh dairy.

How we make ice cream

Mackie’s creamy milk is produced on the farm, supplied by our own herd of Friesan Holstien cows and their clever self-milking machines

More on our cows

A fresh creamy taste

Mackie’s Traditional is our most popular ice cream – it’s the one with no added flavour, because we don’t think any is needed, for you to enjoy the fresh, creamy taste of our real dairy ingredients. Mackie’s Traditional is the perfect accompaniment to your puddings and the ideal foundation for us to make our other ice creams. For example, all we need to do is add little pieces of our home-made honeycomb, which then melt into the ice cream to create our next most popular flavour – Honeycomb! Or take our Madagascan Vanilla, a classic is created by adding a little vanilla essence to our Traditional ice cream mix, and another favourite, Raspberry Ripple, gains its special colour and delicious taste by stirring in a swirl of our raspberry compote.