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Mix & Match 120g Bars

Select 5 or more of your favourite flavours to build a custom pack!

Traditional: a deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

Honeycomb: blends our traditional milk chocolate with small crunchy honeycomb pieces, which we make here on the farm.

Dark: a rich and smooth dark chocolate made with a 70% cocoa, giving a satisfying long finish.

Mint: made with a delicate sugared crystal flavoured with peppermint oil added to dark chocolate.

Orange: our traditional milk chocolate with little pieces of our honeycomb infused with jaffa orange essence to give both a zesty zing and a satisfying little crunch.

Line up the bars to see the full illustration – a design inspired by the view of Bennachie hill from our home farm in Aberdeenshire where we make all Mackie’s ice cream and chocolate.

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Traditional Chocolate Bar (120g)


Honeycomb Chocolate Bar (120g)


Mint Chocolate Bar (120g)


Dark Chocolate Bar (120g)


Orange Chocolate Bar (120g)


Ice Cream Voucher (1 litre tub)