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Mackie’s luxury dairy ice cream range in take home tubs is available in a choice of six ice cream flavours alongside the classic Traditional flavour: Honeycomb, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Raspberry Ripple, Strawberry and Scottish Tablet. 


There is a wider range of 14 flavours for scooping parlours — you can try these when you find Mackie’s in a scooping parlour or restaurant or if you meet us at shows. You can find out more about these in our trade section under where to buy. Mackie’s also make a more “indulgent” range of flavours with an exciting choice of flavours made with more added flavour ingredients and ripples.

traditional ice cream organic ice cream honeycomb ice cream chocolate ice cream chocolate mint ice cream raspberry ice cream strawberry ice cream scottish tablet ice cream cream of scottish ice cream
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Chocolate Maint
Scottish Tablet
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