Two Berry Tasty New Flavours - Mackie’s of Scotland

Two Berry Tasty New Flavours

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of two new flavour combinations – both representing a celebration of locally-grown summer fruits. White Chocolate and Raspberry becomes the latest addition to our Indulgent range, while Strawberry Swirl will become an immediate member of the classic range.

All the fruit used has been sourced from a fellow Aberdeenshire family farming business, Castleton Farm – with the sauces then created in-house by Mackie’s, using our recently added saucing machine with gentle processing technology for the whole fruit. The machines allow us to make even more ingredients on the farm – from flavouring like jam compotes or salted caramel to small batches of chocolate sauce.

Kirstin, our Development Director, is excited to hear feedback from Mackie’s fans “we want to constantly surprise and delight ice cream lovers and these two new flavours will offer something very new and different, which we think people will love.

“For the white chocolate sauce, we worked to create something ourselves that would stay soft and luxurious in the ice cream. To do that we had to make our own base white chocolate, before turning it into a ganache with cream and golden syrup, and finally swirling it through the ice cream along with zingy raspberry.

“Strawberry Swirl uses a 100% fruit puree giving a delicious double hit of summer fruit.

“We’re delighted to be working with local fruit farm Castleton in creating this new flavour. Mackie’s and Castleton are two companies with similar ethos: both are family businesses, aim to be self-sufficient in renewable energy and, of course, have a love of desserts!”

On trying the final product for the first time, Aileen MacDonald, packing manager from Castleton Farm, said: “’White Chocolate and Raspberry’ is delicious, it’s sweet with the chocolate, yet has a refreshing tang of our raspberries , I’d call it a grown up version of Raspberry Ripple!”

“Mackie’s uses our top-grade raspberries and strawberries, frozen to protect their quality. The entire fruit goes into the compote, adding taste, texture and colour.

”Scotland’s fruit is famed for its flavour as the temperate climate allows the berries to ripen slowly, creating a particularly sweet flavour.”

Both flavours will be available UK-wide, with White Chocolate and Raspberry initially available in Tesco in Scotland and Ocado in England and Wales. Strawberry Swirl will be in Scottish Tesco stores along with an extended listing in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK.