Top 5 FMCG Brand in Scotland - Mackie’s of Scotland

Top 5 FMCG Brand in Scotland


For the second year running, we’ve been named in Kantar’s top 5 Scottish FMCG brands in Scotland. The Kantar report reveals the ranking of shoppers’ most chosen food and drink brands over the past year and we’re delighted to have remained among the top!

The “Consumer Reach Points” measurement takes account of the number of households in the country, the number of those households buying Mackie’s, and the number of times they do this. Our high ranking by this metric shows a really strong position in the minds and buying habits of Scottish shoppers, which we’re really pleased and grateful for.

Commenting on the top 5 brands, Lesley Ann of Kantar said “The enduring stability of the Scottish top five brands reminds us that brand-building is a long-term game. The growth stories behind the brands all reflect the same theme – winning more shoppers by giving them more reasons and opportunities to buy. Creating that virtuous circle of rising shopper engagement, sales, and in-store presence takes time, clarity of direction and investment.”

It’s been a tough and turbulent year, where we have seen reduced profits while we try to avoid passing on costs to our consumers – and it’s great to be rewarded by their continuing to choose us as a result.