Our Team's Mackie's Moments - Mackie’s of Scotland

Our Team’s Mackie’s Moments

Last week we launched #MyMackiesMoment – a chance for you to share your favourite way to enjoy ice cream for the chance to win a LIFETIME supply of ice cream. Everyone has their special way of doing things, and enjoying ice cream is no different! To give you some inspiration, we’ve asked our team for their #MyMackiesMoment…

Mac Mackie – Managing Director

“I love mint, so anything with mint – like our Mint Choc Chip flavour.

I’d have it in a cone – particularly if going out to the beach. I also like ginger so might have it with a chocolate ginger biscuit!”

Dierdre – Sweetie Kitchen

I always have boxes of cones and wafers in the house ..for when the (grand)kids come round ..there’s five of them! Callie a.k.a “spud” stirs her ice cream into a cream, then adds a flake and 100s and 1000s – her favourite concoction”

Heather – Calves & Youngstock 

“The first time I had Mackie’s was about 30 years ago. I had a scoop of traditional in a glass with lemonade – and it was right fine! I haven’t had that for a long time… it’s great on a hot day, I must try it again because you get the foam which tastes of both the lemonade and the ice cream”

Kirstin – Development Director

“My go-to, everyday treat would be Traditional with a granulated malted chocolate powder which I mix up into a creamy, soft consistency. I have it in a bowl, in front of the telly with a film and the fire on! For a more special evening treat as a dessert or snack, I’d have it with Baileys poured over it.”

Louise – Sweetie Kitchen

“I prefer dessert to the main meal and like my ice cream with a hot pudding, something like apple crumble or eves pudding, rather than on it’s own.

I’d always choose ice cream and custard over cream – in fact I’d have both: my favourite way to serve ice cream is with hot custard – especially Mackie’s Cream of Scottish because it’s a bit softer. Just add the ice cream to the hot custard and give it a wee stir – the hot & cold is delicious together!”


Stuart – Marketing & Sales Director

“Favourite flavour is honeycomb – because it tastes delicious! I like the way the honeycomb melts into the ice cream to get the taste but also the glory when you find the pockets of honeycomb – that’s what you’re digging in to find!

I have it on it’s own – straight out of the tub – after putting in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to soften it slightly.”

David – Head Cattleman

“My family all enjoy ice cream, my wife and I think the Honeycomb is the pick of the bunch. For my kids, chocolate is their favourite – in fact my youngest son is a bit of a fanatic! My wife sometimes has fruit with her ice cream but I have it on it’s own – I’m not one for all those toppings”

Yvette – Mackie’s 19.2 parlour manager

“My favourite time for ice cream is with a film or at the cinema. I like the new White Chocolate & Raspberry flavour which I like best in a tub sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts, with one of the little vegware spoons we use in 19.2.

I don’t have our big tubs at home – because I’d just eat them all!”


We’ve shared some of our #MyMackiesMoments – now we want to hear yours!  You can either complete the online poll at mackies.co.uk/mymackiesmoment, or take a photo of your Mackie’s Moment and post on Instagram using the hashtag #MyMackiesMoment.

One lucky winner will win a lifetime’s supply of ice cream – that’s a new tub every fortnight forevermore. Not only that, but 100 runners up will receive a Mackie’s goody bag with ice cream, chocolate, and an ice cream scoop!