New NPD Graduate - Mackie’s of Scotland

New NPD Graduate

We’re pleased to welcome Hannah Beattie, 25, to her new role as NPD (new product development) coordinator, where she will hone her knowledge and palate as she devises new flavour combinations, sauces and fresh innovations.

Hannah’s role is part of the Opportunity North East (“ONE”) Graduate into Business initiative, with the initial term being 12 months, but the possibility that it will develop into a permanent position.

Our busy NPD kitchen, headed up by NPD Director Kirstin McNutt, has been responsible for creating some of the country’s best-loved sweet treats and its small team is constantly creating new flavours and improved recipes for Mackie’s ice cream and chocolate ranges.

As well as the practical development of new products, technical and analytical elements of the job are crucial for ensuring products that hit supermarket shelves and freezers have the best chance of becoming long-term favourites.

Of her new role, Hannah has said: “My induction has flown by, I’m learning so much every day. I’ve been working on mood boards and adding to my portfolio of ideas to help create new and exciting flavour combinations.

“Part of the challenge is fully conceptualising these ideas right through to how they will result in a finished product, but I have had a tremendous amount of support thus far from the team at Mackie’s.

Of the ONE graduate programme, Hannah has said that she is pleased with the assistance on offer “which will help me with my development within the role by offering fortnightly workshops in Aberdeen and £5,000 worth of external training opportunities.”

Hannah has already played a role in developing a mint Irish cream ice cream, inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, which she will now work on ensuring delivers the required taste and look in a finished product, which may be released in the Mackie’s ice cream parlour.

Excitingly, Hannah will be joining Kirstin in Rimini, Italy next week for the SIFEP International Exhibition for Artisan Production of Ice-cream, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery, where the two will learn about some of the latest ice cream and chocolate making technologies, which they can then bring back to Aberdeenshire and put into practice!

Keep an eye out for new Mackie’s releases, which Hannah will have had a hand in and let us know if you love them!