New Year, New Filler - Mackie’s of Scotland

New Year, New Filler

We’re committed to continually reinvesting in order to improve our products and processes across the farm. The latest in these improvements, a little early Christmas present to ourselves, is the installation this week of a brand new ice cream filler in the dairy! The new filler will link with our state-of-the-art low carbon refrigeration system and sets us up well for further growth next year.

The filler has a capacity of 4,500 tubs an hour, as opposed to the 3,300 tubs we could make on the old filler it replaces. This increase in production sets us up to produce even more deliciously smooth and creamy ice cream, making us able to supply more Mackie’s fans with their favourite flavours up and down the nation.

In addition to the increased capacity, and rather excitingly, the filler is highly sophisticated will give us greater ability to create better defined and distributed swirls and ripples – and also gives us the option to sprinkle some inclusions over the top. This all has the NPD team very eager to get their lab coats on and start experimenting, watch this space!

With more possibilities for filling, swirling and new flavours, 2023 is set to be an exciting year!