New Sustainability Journey Map - Mackie’s of Scotland

New Sustainability Journey Map

The road to sustainability is a journey we’ve been on for a long time, and one we’ve made huge strides in over the past couple of decades.

Our new interactive Sustainability Journey Map provides a picture of some of the sustainable initiatives we’ve employed at Westertown Farm. You can find the map on our website here. We take you on a ‘guided’ tour of the farm, with pop-out features highlighting every area which contributes to our sustainability journey. This is a journey the Mackie family have been on since the 1970s when the first of thousands of trees were planted across the 150 acre farm. Since then, Mackie’s have gone on to produce twice as much energy as we use through our wind and solar power, and the introduction of our low carbon refrigeration system has reduced our energy consumption greatly overall.

Whether it’s the wind and solar power we produce, or making our packaging and ingredients on the family farm, every element contributes in our mission to become a ‘Scottish global brand from the greenest company in Britain, created by people having fun’. We are continually looking ahead to the next step on our sustainability journey, with our focus on renewable energy, and our aim is to leave the land in a better state than we found it.

Take a look at our map where you can explore our farm and read about every ingredient on our Sustainability Journey.