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New Local Listing Brings Mackie’s to Doorsteps Across the UK

We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with another Scottish family businesses, Donald Russell, which will help us get our ice cream to more people across the UK than ever before.

New listings with online retail butcher Donald Russell will see Traditional, Honeycomb and Strawberry Swirl 1L ice cream tubs stocked on the site. Already, Donald Russell have been impressed by the popularity of our tubs, running out of their initial order of 300 tubs in the first three days of listing on the site – their much increased second order accounted for this and was for 300 cases rather than tubs!

Stuart Common, our Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Working alongside one of the North-East’s largest food outlets is a privilege and something we’re extremely proud of. Both brands are focussed on quality – and it’s great to team up with a company so close by.

“The partnership has very exciting potential because of Donald Russell’s well-established ability to get frozen goods straight to their customers’ doors across the whole of the UK. Mackie’s fans across the UK will undoubtedly welcome the availability of this service.

“Who knows, in future it could be a great way of getting Mackie’s wider range of ice cream flavours into the homes – and mouths – of those south of the border! For now, we are just excited to see how successful Traditional, Honeycomb and Strawberry Swirl are proving to be with Donald Russell’s customers.”

With our farm being only 10-miles from Inverurie-based Donald Russell, and both of our businesses being focussed on quality the partnership seems a natural fit.

Kenneth Clow, Chief Executive Officer at Donald Russell, said: “Since becoming CEO in March this year, and with the North-East food and drink scene thriving so successfully, I was really interested in working with more local businesses across our different online categories to celebrate this.

“As a fellow family business based just down the road, Mackie’s of Scotland immediately stood out as a great partnership fit alongside their impressive credentials of being one of the country’s most loved brand and known-for-quality produce.

“Within the first week of stocking the three flavours, honeycomb has been the best seller which our consumers seem to love.

“Our second order, a week after our first, saw a sixfold increase in size to account for the ice cream’s popularity, which is really encouraging.

“Both businesses are set to benefit from the partnership as each is focused on sustainable growth – the question really is what’s next after we get the first months under our belt.”

The 1L tubs can be purchased from Donald Russell’s online site here:

Pictured: Kenneth Clow and Mac Mackie