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My Mackie’s Moment Winner – A lifetime Supply of Ice Cream

A LIFETIME supply of ice cream has been won!

Following our summer campaign competition, and after over 40,000 entries, we’re pleased to announce our My Mackie’s Moment winner is Margaret Pitman from Shaftesbury in Dorset, who has won herself a lifetime supply of ice cream! That’s 26 litres of her favourite ice cream to enjoy every year!

My Mackie’s Moment asked ice cream lovers up and down the nation to share how and where you enjoy your ice cream, and we learnt a lot about the nation’s eating habits, from breakfast bowl scoopers to the bedtime snackers – we saw the lot. Here are just a few:

“Sat outside on a warm summer evening with my ice cream, just watching the world go by.”

“When the children are asleep and I can enjoy ice cream without having to share it”

“A lovely big bowl of Mackie’s ice cream in a hot bubbly bath whilst listening to Michael Buble.”

Thanks Rachel, Ramanlal and Theresa for those!

Margaret’s randomly selected winning ‘Mackie’s Moment’ was “sharing with my family and friends, even though we are a large family we always make sure there is plenty to go around.” With her lifetime’s supply – having enough to go around shouldn’t be a problem!

Margaret intends to share the prize with her two grandchildren, Rachael and Hailey, who are huge fans of our ice cream stating “my family are ice cream fanatics, and we already always have a tub of Mackie’s in the house so this will go down well – especially with my grandchildren whose favourite flavour is Traditional.”

100 runners-up have also received a Mackie’s bundle including ice cream, chocolate and a Mackie’s ice cream scoop to help them enjoy their ‘Mackie’s Moments’ going forward.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition – we loved seeing and hearing the different ways you enjoy Mackie’s ice cream!

In discovering how and when you enjoy your ice cream, we can also share the results of our ‘Ice Cream Personalities’.

Ice Cream Personalities

It’s safe to say that nearly half of you think ice cream is best enjoyed simply on its own in bowl or straight from the tub as our Smooth Operators came out on top. We don’t blame you! And when there is a great choice of Mackie’s flavours to choose from, there’s always something for everyone.

For our Showstoppers and Matchmakers out there, keep doing what you’re doing! We love seeing your pictures of fun ways to enjoy our ice cream or your pairings with the perfect pudding.

However you choose to enjoy Mackie’s ice cream, you can always guarantee that real dairy creaminess!

Learn more about how Mackie’s ice cream is made here.