More stores for Traditional with Marks & Spencer - Mackie’s of Scotland

More stores for Traditional with Marks & Spencer

We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our listing with Mark’s and Spencer’s which means that 1L Traditional should now be stocked in 514 M&S stores across the UK.

Following a strong performance in Scotland, our store distribution is set to double across the Marks and Spencer’s network in England. We are very pleased to achieve better availability outside Scotland!

Bill Thain, our sales account manager who works with M&S, describes this extension as a great way to make our most popular flavour more readily available to existing customers and a great opportunity to introduce a new group of shoppers to Mackie’s ice cream.

“It’s an exciting milestone and we feel extremely proud to be one of the few brands stocked within one of the most upmarket supermarkets in the country.”

This isn’t just any ice cream …it’s Mackie’s Traditional!