Mackie's Unveils Cutting Edge Ice Packaging Machine - Mackie’s of Scotland

Mackie’s Unveils Cutting Edge Ice Packaging Machine

Innovative technology has been installed in Mackie’s production facility, with the installation of a new cutting edge ice packaging machine, to significantly increase production and ensure Mackie’s remain as Scotland’s largest ice cube producers. The new ice packaging machine is now capable of filling 30 bags of ice per minute.

Best known for producing Scotland’s favourite ice cream, Mackie’s began producing ice from a hillside spring on the farm in 2004, selling more than 2.5 million bags of spring water ice in 2023.

The £300,000 investment into the advanced packing technology will increase production capacity by up to three million additional bags per year.

Stuart Common, Managing Director at Mackie’s of Scotland said: “This new ice packaging machine represents a monumental leap forward in packaging technology.

“Unlike traditional packaging machines, this state-of-the-art equipment focuses on enhancing packaging efficiency in order to boost capacity.

“This six-figure investment into our ice production process underscores our commitment to the business’ growth, while also slotting seamlessly into our wider environmentally-focussed refrigeration upgrades, which are the first of their kind in Scotland.”

The increased ice production capacity makes use of Mackie’s low-carbon refrigeration system, which reduces refrigeration-related energy use by using natural refrigerant gasses and biomass power.

Mackie’s is also home to one of Europe’s largest ice producing machines, using a process which chops long tubes of ice into cubes as they detach from a cooling cylinder. The system can produce up to 50 tons of ice each day.

Looking ahead, Stuart added: “Mackie’s ice cream has already been added to more than 1,000 new UK stores this year, and with our improved ice production capacity we hope to see similarly strong growth for our bags of ice over the rest of 2024.

“Installing this new equipment has allowed us to scale up manufacturing of our ice cubes, while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and quality.

“We’re proud to lead the way in the industry, while still minimising our environmental impact.”

As well as its use of fresh hillside spring water for its ice production; Mackie’s employs rainwater capture technology across the farm, which supplies all the water needed for the office, residential and dairy buildings on the farm.

Mackie’s ice is available in Scottish Tesco stores, and small independents.