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Mackie’s Double Scoop

We were surprised and delighted to receive not one but two awards at the Herald Family Business Awards in Glasgow last night! In many ways being a family business informs the way we think and act as a company, with concerns about the next generation creating a tendency for us to think longer term than we might otherwise. This generational continuity of decision-making plays a role in our concern as a business with the environment, tying into the idea that we would like to leave Mackie’s (and the world!) in a better state than we found it for those who come next. It’s lovely for our team to be recognised for these efforts, and the Green Family Business of the year and Medium-sized Family Business of the Year awards at the ceremony did just that!

Mackie’s has come a long way and there have been many changes since our grandfather (and in some cases great-grandfather) Maitland Mackie began farming here in 1912. If he were to visit now, we’re not sure whether he would be more surprised by our producing our own packaging, generating our own energy or that the cows milk themselves using robotics! In other senses, though, Mackie’s hasn’t changed all that much. We are still based on the same family farm in Aberdeenshire, and we still use the fresh milk from our own herd to create simple and delicious treats.

It is exciting to see the diversity of successful enterprise in the family business sector on show at the awards, from visitor parks, fuel suppliers and wholesale bathroom supplies to Mimi’s Bakehouse making delicious baked snacks and Brewster Bros developing a pioneering approach to recycling. Our congratulations in particular to Alastair Macphie, who received a well-deserved ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award for his efforts in driving the sustainability agenda at Macphie.

For more about the awards see the Herald article here.