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Local School Partnership – Setting up Youth for Sweet Success

Mackie’s are pleased to establish a new partnership with local secondary school, Meldrum Academy, as part of our Young Person’s Guarantee pledge through Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) initiative. DYW connects employers and schools, fostering partnerships firmly based on shared visions, values, and aims for youth development, putting the needs of learners at the core of partnership working.

Mackie’s have previously partnered with Alford Academy and are excited to be partnering with Meldrum Academy – the closest local school to the farm. We hope this will help us further strengthen our ties with the local community, while showcasing career opportunities and providing insights and advice on the world of work to pupils considering their next steps.

The partnership will see active involvement from DYW North East in the planning process, allowing Mackie’s to support projects and provide opportunities for collaboration with pupils and its business. Mackie’s People & Development Manager, Jordan Noble, takes the lead on this partnership, sharing professional expertise and learnings with the school.

On the link with Meldrum Academy, Jordan says, “It’s a great opportunity for Mackie’s team to be involved closely with Meldrum Academy, particularly as we would hope some may one day choose to be a part of the future of Mackie’s. We appreciate learning in schools has evolved over the years, and an important part of this is allowing pupils to learn from and engage with real businesses and the wider world of work awaiting them beyond school. We hope to showcase some of the different career possibilities at Mackie’s, playing a part in their education and advertising the opportunities available should they pursue a career in the food industry”

Nick Thom, who has recently assumed his position as Employer School Coordinator with DYW North East, states that “Mackie’s is a very well-known and trusted name and brand in the local Aberdeenshire area and wider food industry, and to have them working with Meldrum Academy is great for the school and the pupils. It opens insights and relationships that are invaluable for young people, and gives them the opportunity to communicate with adults in the real working world – something we know from experience to be of great value.””

The DYW initiative makes it easier for employers and educators to connect, and our first project with the school will be to provide support on a finance and budgeting session for the older pupils. Learning how to understand a payslip and tackle some of life’s everyday finances is vital in young people’s learning and this is something Mackie’s are pleased to be able to be involved in and support.

Managing Director of Mackie’s, Stuart Common, also sits on the board of DYW North East and has years of experience working with the organisation to support and develop pupils for their future careers.

L-R: Rebecca Jackson (Principal Teacher), Nick Thom, Jordan Noble