Introducing our new Indulgent Flavour - Mackie’s of Scotland

Introducing our new Indulgent Flavour

We are pleased to launch our new Indulgent Toffee Fudge ice cream, after consumer research found it to be the nation’s most appealing flavour combination.

A mouth-watering pairing of fudge pieces and our farm-made toffee sauce is swirled through deliciously smooth toffee flavour ice cream to create a truly irresistible ice cream for toffee lovers and those alike.

Toffee Fudge was created following a thorough market research campaign which surveyed new and existing flavours with consumers. The study was carried out by food and drink business consultants, Levercliff, and found that out of 26 different combinations, toffee fudge had the broadest appeal across the UK, with 40% of people saying it was their preferred choice.

Kirstin McNutt, Development Director at Mackie’s oversaw the extensive consumer research project and subsequent flavour creation.

She said: “When developing the product, we gathered numerous amounts of data on trends, supplier ideas and market gap analysis, and ended up with a host of different flavour ideas.

“We narrowed it down to five flavour concepts, and our research found toffee fudge to be by far the most popular. The research insights also showed consumers really enjoy the textural experience of the ice cream.

“We want to provide our consumers with the flavours they love the most, and with our recent survey findings we believe our latest flavour will definitely be a crowd pleaser.”

Toffee Fudge will be available UK-wide initially through Ocado in England and Wales and in Scottish Tesco stores. Extended listings into Scottish Sainsbury’s stores will soon follow.