Ice Cream Exports Sees Record Sales - Mackie’s of Scotland

Ice Cream Exports Sees Record Sales

We’re delighted to announce record export sales during the last financial year, with an impressive increase of 37%. We achieved our highest ever international sales in 2022/23 with export revenue hitting £2.8m, up from £2.05m in 2021/22.

Currently, we export to 13 countries around the world including the USA and the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai. However, we enjoy our strongest showing in east Asia: with Taiwan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan amounting to 95% of our total export sales.

Taiwan sits atop the rest, taking the title as Mackie’s largest overseas customer. Last year, consumers in Taiwan alone purchased over one million Mackie’s Traditional tubs, which if laid in a straight line would stretch from our Aberdeenshire farm to Edinburgh.

Stuart Common, Managing Director, said: “Since we first started exporting to a handful of family run ice cream parlours in Seoul in 2002 for the FIFA World Cup hosted in South Korea, we have seen steady growth in overseas demand for our products. This most recent burst in export sales comes as countries and international supply chains begin to recover from the pandemic, and consumers are eager to taste and try foods they have not necessarily had access to for some time.”

We have widened the scope of products which we offer to our overseas customers too – providing them with new flavours like Honeycomb, which they might not have in their national markets. This has resulted in a terrific uplift in sales worldwide and our partnerships with international distributors has never been stronger. At Mackie’s, we’re optimistic this trend will continue over the years to come.