Greater Spread of Flavours - Mackie’s of Scotland

Greater Spread of Flavours

We’ve long wanted to be able to provide Mackie’s fans south of the border the same degree of taste and choice as Scottish ice cream lovers. The past few years have seen us taking great strides forward in this mission.

This week saw us take the biggest step yet, with our Traditional, Honeycomb and (brand new) Strawberry Swirl now available in over 500 Sainsbury’s stores up and down the UK!

Stuart, our Sales Director has recognised the listings as an important milestone: “We’re delighted with both the take-up and feedback from Sainsbury’s who have decided to add our newest flavour and a well-established favourite to its portfolio of Mackie’s products.

“For so long fans of our ice cream have looked on enviously at those in Scotland who can try a broad range of our products. It’s great to be getting second and third flavours into English and Welsh stores.”

Always keen to source locally and to minimise food miles, the strawberries we are using in Strawberry Swirl are from fellow Aberdeenshire farming business Castleton Farm near Laurencekirk.

The new flavour was chosen by the 70,000 strong Friends of Mackie’s members club and evolved from consumer feedback, numerous development trials and benefited from a £50,000 investment in a new sauce machine.

We’ve mapped out where the Sainsbury’s stores are to help you get your hands on these newly available flavours!