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You're always welcome to contact us. We are grateful for your time spent sending messages to Mackie's.

The purpose of our website is to inform our customers about our products and our business. We also want to communicate with our consumers, to answer any queries and to learn from the feedback we receive. You can be assured that we only use your information for our own communication to you - we do not sell or allow access to any other company.

Your contact details will only be used to enable us to reply to your message. We will not record and keep any information about you without your permission. We will not share your information with any other companies.

The Data submitted on the contact form is recorded on the website database. The message is then copied and sent to Mackie’s of Scotland by email. We then try to respond as appropriate. We delete the personal data when response is complete or every 6 months whichever is shorter period.

Making a Complaint with the Get in Touch Form.

We know that things can go wrong at times. We also appreciate when you take the time to tell us about any problems. Your contact details are only used to enable us to reply and investigate.

The Data submitted is recorded on the website database. The message is then copied and sent to Mackie’s of Scotland by email. We then try to respond as appropriate message is received by us as an email

The details of the complaint are entered on our complaint record which is updated with any response & resolution. This record is then kept on secure hardrive and held for 5 years – to comply with our audit regulations. All personal data is deleted after 5 years

You may request to see a copy of any data held by Mackie’s of Scotland and to see a copy of your complaint record.

See the full Privacy Policy

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