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Mackie's Ice Cream Van Climate Friendly Innovation

Nissan asked us to join in with Mackie's ice cream for the launch of their new electric van on clean air day last week. Our Sky to Scoop philosophy and climate positive credentials – made our ice cream the perfect fit for their demonstration of the innovative technology on board this zero emission Ice Cream van! The concept is a quirky ice cream van set up – where the server is on street level providing a soft serve scoop of Mackie’s mix or a scoop of one of our Traditional flavours. We’re delighted to have worked with Nissan on this project as it’s the perfect complement to our own vision of becoming self-sustainable in renewable energy – and eliminating carbon in the journey from ‘Sky to Scoop’.

At Mackie’s we’ve already shifted our dependence from fossil-fuels on to clean renewable power. We now export 4.5 times more energy to the national grid than we consume. This year we will make further progress towards our vision with the installation of an innovative new low-carbon refrigeration system. We’re proud to be a ‘climate positive’ ice cream maker. Watch the video here

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