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£4m Low Carbon Refrigeration to make our ice cream even 'greener’!

This year we plan to install a new refrigeration system set to be one of the most sophisticated in Europe. In a £4million project, we’ll replace existing freezing equipment with low carbon, power efficient units run on ammonia - a natural refrigerant gas that poses no threat to the environment- having zero global warming potential. In an innovative combined solution, we will cool Mackie’s ice cream with heat  - from a biomass boiler, powered by a sustainable energy source.


This will be Scotland’s first large scale plant combining biomass heat and absorption chilling, enabling Mackie’s to target ambitious CO2e reductions of 90% and energy costs of 70-80%.


The £4 million project is being brought to life thanks to a grant from the Scottish Government Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme, match funded by our loan from Bank of Scotland.


Gerry Stephens, Finance Director is shown in this picture with Mac Mackie, our MD (and some green - chocolate mint - ice cream!) comments “Our ultimate aim is to one day go completely off-grid and use 100% renewable energy. This is an important step towards realising these green ambitions. We’re very excited about this project as, the technologies involved are tried-and-tested methods but have not been commonly combined to produce a low-carbon, low-energy solution for cold store refrigeration.” The investment will be open as a demonstrator project in the hope that its success will encourage other Scottish food manufacturers to adopt similar energy-efficient technology.

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