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Primetime Tribute

Our late father & Chairman has been honoured with a mouth-watering dessert featured on the popular BBC2 show, ‘The Great British Menu’.  Last weeks episode included footage featured a visit to Westertown by local chef Michael Bremner’s visit to learn more about the vision of his chosen ‘local hero’, Maitland Mackie CBE - the founder of Mackie’s of Scotland.  


As one of three of Scotland’s best chefs tasked with creating their ultimate desserts, the owner of the award winning restaurant, ‘64 Degrees’ in Brighton, styled his dish, ‘Home Sweet Home’, around his favourite childhood dessert: Scottish Teacake and a Mackie’s Ice-cream, describing it as ‘a Whisky Mac Ice-cream, consisting of whisky, ginger wine and burnt orange, alongside a salted caramel mouse and a whisky mac jelly.” Footage showed his meeting with Maitland’s daughter, one of our three sibling owners, Karin who said: “Dad was born here, grew up here, and spent his whole working life here. He was involved and engaged in a lot of other things including agriculture and education.” Asked whether her father would have enjoyed the whisky ice cream dessert, she added: “He absolutely would! I think he would encourage you to take a generous measure of whisky alongside the ice-cream as well”


The Mackie business was originally a dairy farm but it was innovative Maitland who diversified into ice cream in 1986, and his activities with the National Farmers Union, Quality assurance awards for the pig industry and other works resulting in Maitland being honoured by the Queen for services to agriculture.Maitland was also a pioneer in sustainable energy, building wind turbines and a solar farm on the way to creating Scotland’s most environmentally friendly business, so that each year we export a surplus of renewable electricity to the National Grid.  Speaking on the show, Maitland’s son, Mac Mackie, said: “He was a larger than life character, never afraid to try new things, so this place was never going to stay a normal farm. Green energy was the big focus of his life for the last 5-10 years.” Michael’s dessert secured him a place in the final of the Great British Menu, where he will fly the flag for both Maitland Mackie and Scottish cuisine. We wish him all the best!

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