Mackie's of Scotland
ice cream dairy

The best ingredients
for the best taste

Our own dairy herd enables us to use only the freshest ingredients. We have a mixture of Friesian, Jersey and Swedish Red cows and they produce an ideal blend of fresh milk and cream for making our dairy ice cream. The milk is transferred directly into our ice cream dairy on the farm, just across the yard from the byre so that within 24 hours, it will have become delicious ice cream for you to enjoy.  


The best methods  

Mackie’s recognizable taste and texture is produced by a unique combination of recipe and process –for example, we use secret cooking temperatures (which are not the norm) to make a sweeter caramelised creamy note.  


Our homogeniser works under extreme pressure to make sure that the ice cream mix is broken down to very, very small particles and that helps make sure that our ice cream is consistently smooth and creamy.  


We also have sophisticated ice cream freezers to freeze the mix quickly yet which we run at a slower speed than recommended. This ensures that the ice cream is made and kept at a very low temperature. At the last minute before filling the tubs, the fruit, honeycomb pieces or any other flavour ingredients are added to complete the ice cream recipe. The filled tubs are quickly frozen down to under minus 20 Degrees, again this helps maintain smaller ice crystals, and ensure you will enjoy a smooth ice cream. Rigorous quality control tests are carried out throughout the process and before it is released for distribution to the shops.  


We have a highly trained taste panel with proven high sensitivity to minute differences in taste and texture. The panel not only taste and compare new products with competitors, but we also meet to taste and check each day's production.  


Finally, our ice cream is made with renewable energy. We’re not sure that this really affects the taste but you can feel good about that!

From Sky to Scoop the Mackie's method

Mother Nature
powers the farm...

...that grows
the grass to
feed our

...who produce
the fresh and
creamy milk...

...that makes
Mackie's ice
smooth and
creamy, for
you to enjoy.

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