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Mackie’s Arboretum:
planning for the future

About 150 acres of our Aberdeenshire farm has been planted with trees and an arboretum is in early stages of growth. Activity like tree planting helps the environment as a carbon sink but the trees are also beautiful and enhance our enjoyment of the farm.


The late Halldis Mackie dedicated much of her time and energy, in her retirement from being a local GP, to the creation of an arboretum on the farm in an area now protected by a border of native trees we planted 20 years ago. An arboretum is a collection of trees, and this collection has 147 trees so far, with 112 different species of tree from 34 families.


This is a young arboretum, just at the beginning of its life and should be truly majestic for visitors in 30 years’ time! However it is already a place of interest and a lovely spot to wander or picnic, and watch the young trees establish themselves and show their different foliage and colours.

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