Mackie's of Scotland
How we make our ice cream

Making ice cream:
the best ingredients
and the best technology

To make our ice cream, extra fresh cream is mixed with our whole milk and a computer-controlled system ensures the right quantities of milk and cream are delivered to the mixing vessel. The dry ingredients (like sugar and skimmed milk powder) are then added and the mixture is pasteurized. The effect of this pasteurisation is to make sure that any harmful organisms which may be present in the original raw materials are made harmless.


Next, to make sure that the fats in the mixture are as small as possible the mix is homogenised. In this process the fats are reduced to very small sized globules which do not rise on standing. This also means that the final ice cream has a satisfyingly smooth texture.


Following these two processes the mix is rapidly cooled and mixed in ageing tanks at a low temperature so that it will freeze better. It is then frozen in large freezers, which whip the desired amount of air into the product so that it is pleasant to eat. At the same time the temperature is reduced so that the ice cream becomes more solid. At the last moment before filling tubs, the fruit and any other flavour ingredients are added to complete the ice cream recipe.


The ice cream mixture is poured into tubs which travel through our blast freezer to freeze the ice cream quickly – which helps create a smooth texture. The ice cream is frozen hard in under an hour and then packed onto pallets and kept in our cold store before shipping out to stores. Rigorous quality control tests are carried out throughout the process and before it is released for distribution to the shops. Thereafter it is best for the ice cream to be kept at temperature of -18C on its way to you.

From Sky to Scoop the Mackie's method

Mother Nature
powers the farm...

...that grows
the grass to
feed our

...who produce
the fresh and
creamy milk...

...that makes
Mackie"s ice
smooth and
creamy, for
you to enjoy.

The magic of Mackie's